Bandanas have made their way into the fashion scene again, but incorporating them into your style without looking out of place is easier said than done. Our suggestion? Mix it up and experiment a little!

Below, we’ve listed down our 9 favorite ways to style a bandana to make it easier for you to rock the piece. Enjoy!

1.    The Parisienne

This is a classic look that usually gets paired with casual to semi-formal outfits. To do this, fold your bandana into a long, 1- to 2-inch-wide strip. Tie the folded bandana on your neck. Finally, secure it with a double knot twisted to the side for that French girl flair.

2.    Choker bow

For more playful, semi-formal looks, you can opt to wear a choker bow instead. To add fun to your dressy outfits, fold your bandana into a long, 1- to 2-inch-wide strip. Tie the bandana around your neck with a bow and twist it to one side. You can puff up or pull the loops open for a fuller effect.

3.    Long neckband

The long necklace works well with strappy tops or simple shirts and is great for accentuating your neckline. To do this, just fold your bandana into a 1- to 2-inch-wide strip and drape it around your neck. This time, tie it loosely towards the tip of the two loose ends.

4.    Bow-band/ Headband

Using your bandana as a headband is a quick and stylish fix to your hair problems. For this, you need to fold your bandana into a narrow strip and tie it around your head either in the front or at the back. If you tie it at your nape, you can allow a few inches of the loose ends to hang with your hair. If you’re tying it from the front, you can tie it in a bow for a fun look.

5.    Bracelet

Want to make a bold statement? Try tying your bandana around your wrist as a bracelet. It’s a great way to define chill and casual outfits. You can try experimenting with the knots and the width of your bandana for this style, so go crazy if you must.

6.    Sweatband

A bandana sweatband is really handy if you’re doing physical activities, plus, it works for sporty outfits. Just tie the bandana strip around your forehead and tuck the ends inside the band.

7.    The anklet

Wearing your bandana as an anklet draws attention to your kicks and defines your legs. Just tie your bandana strip around your anklet and use any knot you prefer. Experiment with the colors and the textures of your bandana too so it’ll compliment your shoes.

8.    The ponytail

Having a bad hair day? Use your bandana as a hair tie if you’re putting up your hair in a ponytail or a messy bun. You can either let the loose ends flow with your hair in a ponytail, or you can do a little bow if you’re tying it up in a messy bun.

9.    Bag-tie

Have a simple and sleek bag or perhaps, a cool, customized bag? Make it stand out by tying a bandana around the straps. It’s a great way to draw attention to you and your style. Make the bandana your own. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and find which style works for you. Do you have another way to style bandanas or square silk scarves? Leave a comment down below!