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Locally Known is the brain child of a Manchester based graphic artist and fashion enthusiast who has spent ten years working on creating a brand that sees fashion through the eyes of an artist and innovator. The result of which is comfortable and luxurious with well thought out customisable elements that set this brand apart from other luxury clothing brands. With many of our garments being unisex and some of them made as a one size fits all garment; Locally Known is quickly becoming the go to brand for luxury, stylish, creative and functional statement pieces. Some of our garments have customisable elements to allow for further expression and a personal twist. Eventually we aim to add custom options to all locally known garments as we continually search for new ways to improve the versatility and functionality of ready to wear luxury.

The bird on our logo symbolises freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of lifestyle and most importantly freedom to be yourself. The brand name “locally known” is a representation of our creators life path. Growing up on the Manchester streets and having a reputation he was known by many for the wrong reasons. The lessons he learned from the people and the lifestyle of an inner city neighborhood equipped him with the motivation, tenacity and eye to build a brand that incorporates functionality with wearable art and creativity.

Freedom of expression –

We are committed to combining fashion with art, whether it’s a hand painted hat or a limited edition t-shirt print. We are building a mutually beneficial platform that will inspire others and establish our brand by showcasing our mixed medium approach to fashion and celebrating our diverse creativity. By using this mixed medium approach we are able to broaden our reach when expressing our life experience through our art and the addition of custom elements makes it easy for you to change the look to suit your mood. The freedom to express ourselves and to also leave room for you to express yourself when wearing locally know is at the forefront of our creators vision.

Freedom of lifestyle –

Our functional, wearable art, will enable you to look good and feel good whether it’s day wear, night wear or day to night wear you’re covered. Our garments are stylish, comfortable and adaptable to suit your lifestyle.

Freedom to be yourself –

In a world where social media is so at the forefront of our day to day lives it’s all too easy to get swept away in the status quo of what we should be. We all feel certain pressures to look a certain way or have a particular list of boxes ticked by a specific date in time. Locally Known want to spark a revolution we have a message to send it’s strong and unapologetic and it is without reservation or caution Be yourself because that’s enough.