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Category - High fashion

High Street vs High End Fashion

Fashion history, High fashion

If price is the most important consideration for you when it comes to shopping for clothes either instore or online then it may be worth considering what you are actually buying for your money. Does it always mean a drop in quality if you buy cheaper clothes, and just what does give high-end clothing that luxury tag? Let’s take a look. Premium clothes Luxury clothes are premium clothes sold at the higher end of the market. Stylish and long lasting,…

High Fashion

High fashion, Outfit of the day, Streetstyle, Tshirt

“Clothing made from hemp or infused with CBD could even be beneficial for you to wear”. What is hemp? Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis Sativa plant and mainly grows in the northern hemisphere. While its versatility has been known about for thousands of years, its many medicinal benefits to humans has only recently been backed up by science.   Of course we all know one of the main pleasures that can be achieved from hanging with the Cannabis Sativa…

Fashion Accessories for 2019

High fashion, Outfit of the day

Fashion is swinging like a pendulum. In the past seasons, we were chasing minimalism and calm silhouettes, but 2019 promises to be bright for impressions and bold decisions. In this season, unlike from the previous, fashion trends have taken a big niche for accessories. From the podiums, they instantly migrated to the middle-market and the mass-market. You can already find the most trendy accessories in your favourite online or offline store, despite the fact that they just recently appeared in…