Fashion is swinging like a pendulum. In the past seasons, we were chasing minimalism and calm silhouettes, but 2019 promises to be bright for impressions and bold decisions.

In this season, unlike from the previous, fashion trends have taken a big niche for accessories. From the podiums, they instantly migrated to the middle-market and the mass-market. You can already find the most trendy accessories in your favourite online or offline store, despite the fact that they just recently appeared in collections. We recommend paying attention to the mass-market this season.

Since the accessories are very intensive, you can quickly get bored with them or (and) they will go out of fashion. So let’s find out the hottest items in 2019. Ready, Steady, Go!


Snapbacks have gone beyond sportswear and hip-hop looks additions. With this hat, you can finish your sports look, shoot down the degree of officialdom of your classic or casual suit or bring an accent into your minimalistic outfit.

The combination will depend on fabric/colour/decor you will choose. It can be made of classic materials, (fake) fur, eco-leather, vinyl, even straw, which is highly recommended this summer. Can be decorated with different stuff, like eyelets, rhinestones, chains, logo, embroidery, whatever you want. Only your personal style and mental condition can dictate the rules.

In additional to the usual snapback brands that are engaged in sportswear production, you can also find this type of hats in worldwide and beloved Chanel, Moschino, Versace, Prada, etc.


These accessories came back from the 2000s and little by little this decade is back into fashion but you must use it very carefully, otherwise, you may look ridiculous and not stylish.

Choosing this type of accessories, please, pay attention to extremely trendy colours and prints in this season, and saying that, of course, we mean beige colour and all animal prints.

Another advice is not to make bandana or scarf the main accent of your look (this is the dark side of the 2000s), add another bright spot to balance the outfit.


In the collections of sunglasses in 2019, designers have focused on an unusual design. So, the most fashionable will be:

– oversize glasses;

– glasses in sports style;

– bright printed frames;

– “precious” decor;

– triangular lenses;

– narrow glasses;

– glasses- “butterfly”;

– coloured lenses (the most fashionable ones are yellow and red);

– unusual forms of lenses.


Many fashion trends of the spring-summer 2019 season were also duplicated by the designers when creating gloves. Neon shades, transparent and shiny materials, a reptile-like print, lace knitting, lace, satin, everything you can imagine!

As for the length, there will have to choose from two options. The most trendy will be long gloves – up to the elbow and above.

Their competitors will be shortened gloves. There are both trend models in collections: with metal fittings and perforations, as well as elegant ultra-smart gloves made of lace and the finest knitwear with lurex.

Do not be afraid to experiment. This is the only way to find yourself!