“Clothing made from hemp or infused with CBD could even be beneficial for you to wear”.

What is hemp?

Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis Sativa plant and mainly grows in the northern hemisphere. While its versatility has been known about for thousands of years, its many medicinal benefits to humans has only recently been backed up by science.   Of course we all know one of the main pleasures that can be achieved from hanging with the Cannabis Sativa family – just ask anyone you see who’s laughing, eating chocolate or writing bad poetry. But the Cannabis Sativa plant species provides so much more than a misplaced notion of having discovered the meaning of life. The CBD oil that can be extracted from hemp and the fibers from the plant itself can be refined to make paper, food and even biofuel.

CBD clothing

One such use of CBD and hemp which is becoming much more fashionable is in textiles and clothing. In fact, the hemp plant was one of the first plants to be spun into a usable fiber for clothing over 10,000 years ago. For centuries, hemp has been used as an industrial material to make rope, sail canvas and other fabrics. Indeed, the root of the word ‘canvas’ is derived from the word ‘cannabis.’ Now clothes made from CBD or hemp is set to become part of an industry valued at over $22 billion which is more than that made from the selling and growing of its probably more chilled but definitely more dodgy non identical twin.

A natural high

When it comes to getting kitted out, forget the unnatural world of polyester and go au naturale. Hemp fiber or clothing made from CBD is durable, pliable and doesn’t degenerate when exposed to high temperatures. It can also withstand rot, mildew and has the added benefit of getting softer as it ages. This makes clothing made from CBD or hemp fiber brilliant both for commercial and consumer use. The fiber itself can be used as rope yarn, cordage or twine, spun into threads, knitted or woven. From canvas to bags, shoes to coats, whatever you think of can be and is made from CBD fiber. Not only that but CBD clothing has antimicrobial properties too, seeing off bad bacteria like serious Staphylococcus aureus, beastly Bacillus anthracis and mean Mycobacterium.


Clothing made from hemp or infused with CBD could even be beneficial for you to wear. A Belgian chemical company has just added cannabiniol aka CBD oil to its textiles. Extract the THC (the stuff that gets you high) from CBD oil and you’re left with an oil that has loads of health benefits like helping you to relax and give you relief from painful pain, stressful stress and annoying anxiety. The company has woven CBD microcapsules into its textiles and fabric. When your skin touches the fabric, the friction causes the health boosting microcapsules to break and absorb into your body. Amazing!

Good for you, good for the world

And not only does hemp clothing feel on and do good to your body, it’s also great for the world. Compared to cotton, which uses about 50% of the world’s toxic crop chemicals, growing hemp needs much less fertilizer and nasty pesticides, as well as using a third less water.

Use your brain

So nowadays, the choice really is yours. If you haven’t considered CBD clothing before, why not take a look at a fabric that’s taking the fashion industry by a gentle storm. If you want to wear great looking clothes made from material that’s strong, long lasting, breathes and absorbent – in more ways than one – then it’s an absolute no brainer.